Meeting rooms and workshops

Meeting rooms and workshops

The CIAP La Tuilerie has a conference room separable into a meeting room and a workshop room by a modular wall.

The workshop room

During or after school, specific activities are offered to schools and leisure centers. Visits and workshops are designed to educate young audiences about architecture and living environment. The visit and the selected workshop are free for the schools of Pays Loire Val d'Aubois, with prior reservation.

If you want to book your visit to CIAP La Tuilerie and a workshop, do not hesitate to contact us.

The conference / meeting room

The conference room, with a capacity of 60 seats, may be subject to prior request for a temporary allocation. It is used for the use of meetings, conferences, debates, seminars and various non-festive events.

The use of this room is reserved for communities belonging to the Syndicat Mixte Pays Loire Val d'Aubois, associations governed by the law of July 1, 1901 declared and legally constituted partners of the Syndicat Mixte Pays Loire Val d'Aubois or known for actions positive on its territory and to those working in the fields of culture and heritage (researcher, publisher ...). These users can have free access on request to the room. For other users, the half-day rental rate is 40€ and for one day 80€. The rent is free if a visit of CIAP La Tuilerie is reserved for the applicant of the room.

The rental includes the possibility of making available on request furniture (tables, chairs), a video-projection system (screen and video projector) and sound. A rear forecourt can also be made available on request.

If you wish to reserve this room, do not hesitate to contact us.

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