What is a CIAP

What is a CIAP

An Interpretation Center for Architecture and Heritage 

An Interpretation Center for Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) is a local cultural institution whose objectives are to raise the awareness, information and training of all audiences in the architecture and heritage of the territory of the country of art and history. Its creation is requested in the agreement of the label Country of Art and History signed between the community and the Ministry of Culture.

The promotion of the territory

The CIAP has for role to showcase the architectural, patrimonial and landscaped resources of the territory in order to favor a profitable cultural development to all. Through the different spaces, the education of the youngest to the quality of the landscapes and the wealth of materials implemented in the achievements of the territory is privileged. Considering the nature of the place of welcome, a former tilery-brickyard, a particular interest is brought here to the discovery of the universe of the raw materials, the processes of transformation and products of the terra-cotta.

A logic of network

The CIAP contributes to complete the cultural network of the territory. The equipment is positioned as a point of dissemination, in particular to return visitors within the territory to other sites to offer a thorough discovery.

The projects of tomorrow

The equipment must also make it possible to sensitize the population to the stakes of the architectural, urban and landscape evolution of the Country and to involve it more in the realization of projects of presentation of the heritage. In this context, the CIAP is for the community a privileged place for information and debates on urban planning projects, ongoing projects, good practices for the rehabilitation of built heritage, etc.

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