Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is it possible to access to the space of temporary exhibition without visiting the permanent exhibition ?

The access to the space of temporary exhibition is free and in free access during the opening hours of the site, just like the shop and the space of tourist documentation in the reception space.

 • Is it possible to picnic on the spot ?

Two spaces of picnic are settled at the edge of the canal of Berry near the Tilery. In case of rain, the groups can have access to a room off bag.

 • We wish to visit the Tilery in a group, is it necessary to reserve a date ?

The access to the permanent exhibition for the groups, on free visit or on guided tour, is only proposed on preliminary reservation. Do not hesitate to contact us to 02 48 74 23 93 or in and we shall communicate you a form of request of reservation.

We come by bike, is it possible to arrange them during the visit ?

We have a 12-seater bike rack located on the site, as well as secure lockers to keep your equipment in your home. In addition, in front of La Tuilerie is the start of a bike loop.

Are animals accepted ?

No, except for accompanying dogs of people with disabilities. We can nevertheless keep an eye on your pet staying outside the time of your visit.

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