Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition

Come discover one of the sites witnessing the industrial past of Val d'Aubois!

Located in La Guerche-sur-l'Aubois along the eastern branch of the Berry Canal, the Interpretation Center of Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) The Tilery is one of the witnesses of this architectural and technical heritage. The permanent exhibition is located inside and around a 19th century Hoffmann oven composed of two parallel galleries with 32 meters long.

The course is punctuated by media, animated models and sound testimonials presenting the themes of water (source of life and energy, navigation route), the earth (nourishing element and founder of the country), fire ( creative and common element in the industries of Val d'Aubois) and men, actors at the center of these activities. The terracotta is the thread of this path, evoked through the processes of clay transformation.

The CIAP La Tuilerie also offers you to dive into the world of bats, mysterious hidden residents of the site.

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