The Tilery became over time a haven of peace for bats. Their preservation was an integral part of the rehabilitation of the site with the involvement of the curators of the Museum of Natural History of Bourges, also responsible for the association "Chauve-qui-peut". The objective was to lead to the completion of the works while allowing the bats to continue to inhabit a part of the site. Accompanying measures have therefore been implemented.

The emblematic species of the tilery is undoubtedly the "Grand murin", the most gregarious species in the Cher department. At La Guerche-sur-l'Aubois, the females, accompanied by their only young, oscillate between the school and the nearby Tuilerie from June. The bats have found a summer refuge of quality, facing the canal and grazed meadows of the Valley of Aubois, ideal for their first hunting parties.

Other species are also present on the site: Barbastelle of Europe, common Sérotine, grey Oreillard, Pipistrelles etc. Any summer, more than 800 individuals are present on the site.

Information on bats on the site of the Natural history museum of Bourges




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