Network Cities and Countries of Art and History

Network Cities and Countries of Art and History

Stemming from a partnership with collectivities, the "City or Country of art and history" label, created in 1985, is awarded by the Minister of Culture, following the advice of the National Council of Cities and Countries of art and history, composed of elected officials and experts.

The " City or Country of art and history" label qualify territories, municipalities or associations of local authorities which make a commitment in an active approach of knowledge, preservation, mediation, valuation of the heritage and the contemporary architecture, and the support to the quality of the living environment. it aims at integrating, in the same approach, the elements which contribute to the identity of a territory rich in its history and fort of its capacity of creation.

The label allows the development of a cultural project registered in a overall project of territory, aiming at the development of the architectural, urban and landscaped heritage.

In 2018, this network account 190 Artistic and Historical Towns and Areas among which 10 certified territories in Region Center-valley of the Loire (Bourges, Chinon, Loaches, Tours, Blois, Vendôme, Orléans, Pays Loire Touraine, Pays of the valley of the Cher and the Romorantinais, Pays Loire Val d'Aubois)

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