History of the site

History of the site

Founded by Thomas Sauvard in 1852, this mechanical tile factory is one of the oldest in the region. At its head, three generations succeeded one another from father to son : Thomas, Martin and Camille Sauvard.

The small tile factory, which began as a craft, became a real factory by modernizing and expanding from the end of the 19th century (mechanization of manufacture, steam engine). Its immediate proximity to the canal of Berry allows to import the fuel and to export the finished products. In 1907, the four intermittent ovens were added to a Hoffmann furnace.

With a continuous and mobile fire, this furnace allows to increase production while using less fuel (coal). The whole site is remarkable for its conservation and its configuration. It consists of several ancillary buildings : the foreman's house on the quay side, an entrance pavilion (office, porterie and habitation) situated on the town side (rue Gambetta) and a series of six double houses in Lieutenant Petit street to house workers.

The Sauvard tilery-brickyard produces a wide variety recognized by regional and national awards: full or hollow bricks, pipes of drainage, socket tiles, lanterns, shore tiles, ridges tiles, tiles of pavement as well as elements of ornaments.

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